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It’s A Kidz World Childcare Center.

I like to think of It’s A Kidz World Child Care Center as a place where children and adults consider this their second home… a place where they are accepted and loved… a place where laughter and play are cherished… a place where children’s rhythms are caught and given warm response… a place where everyone’s welcome.

Childhood is a time like no other.  It’s a time for exploring… for creating… or discovering about oneself… for meeting the world… for learning how to learn… for being accepted “just the way I am.”  It’s a time for blossoming and being cherished… a time for being allowed the time to be a child.

Our Mission Statement

We take special pride in the center’s professional staff.  Selected for their knowledge of child development, training background, previous experience in the childcare field as well as their strong interpersonal skills and talents, our staff is committed to the highest quality of care for each child.  When visiting It’s A Kidz World Child Care Center, please take time to tour the facility; it looks small from the outside, but it’s very spacious on the inside.  The warmth of the atmosphere will enrich you.

Phone: (402) 933-3955
Fax: (402) 505-3694
Email: itsakidzworld@cox.net

Hours: M-F 6:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

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