Transition (2 years- 3 years)
Transitions are children who are ages 2 and 3 year old who are not potty trained

Children in transition class are encouraged to achieve and grow in physical, intellectual, emotional, and social skills.  The focus is to develop self-help skills, language, and social skills.  By encouraging the children to follow directions, solve problems, work cooperatively, and express themselves creatively.

  • Self-help skills- understands and able to dress, undress, and recognize restroom needs and go successfully.
  • Colors and shapes- recognizes and names primary colors, recognizes basic shapes
  • Numbers- recognizes number 0 to10, uses numbers 0-10 in counting, compare quantities to determine more or less, identify penny, nickel, dime, quarter
  • Languages- experiments with writing independently, pretends to read, listens and responds to literature, recognizes first and last names, follows simple directions
  • Concepts- understands big and little, long and short, understands up and down, in and out, understand hot and cold, understands day and night
  • Motor skills- able to run and jump, able, to clap hands, build with blocks, completes simple puzzles, draws and colors
  • Social emotional development- knows home address and phone number, plays and shares with other children, puts toys away and helps with chores, able to work independently.

You are asked to provide the following:

  • A picture of your child
  • Disposable diapers and wipes, labeled with child’s name
  • Blanket, labeled with child’s name
  • 1 or 2 changes of clothes, labeled

Sweater or jacket, labeled

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