Infants (6 weeks – 17months)
We will follow the parent’s written plan for each infant enrolled.

Infants receive quality individual care and attention.  Their needs are monitored carefully and their day is planned to coincide with home schedules for important routines like feeding and sleeping.

  • Visual stimulation- bright colors, interesting shapes to look at
  • Social interaction- playing and sharing with other children
  • Motor skills and muscle development- building with blocks, catching and throwing, shape sorting
  • Language development- interaction with the teachers and other children
  • Exploring their senses- touch, smell, taste, hear
  • Trust in adults- relationships with caregivers

You are asked to provide the following:

  • A picture of your infant
  • A schedule including feeding times and amounts, nap schedules, and a list of any other special requirements needed
  • Formula, labeled and dated
  • Disposable diapers and wipes, labeled with child’s name
  • Baby foods or special foods, labeled with child’s name and date
  • At least two complete changes of clothing
  • Baby bottles, labeled and dated, if your child uses a special kind
  • If infant uses a pacifier, it should be labeled with child’s name

Infants will be held during bottle-feeding; however, when infants show evidence of wanting to feed themselves, they will be encouraged to do so.

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